Creativity at Work

Top quality and unique productions make you feel good. Each Coco.TV production reflects the dedication of a team of experienced professionals, a little gem that exceeds expectations and standards and showcases the visionary outlook, steadfastness and creativity of Coco.TV.

Arrive en campagne – A Farm Welcome

At the wheel of his motorhome, chef Stefano Faita takes urban families for a 48-hour stay on a farm in Québec.
Guided by the agricultural family that welcomes them, the city dwellers and the host experience the work and challenges of agricultural production firsthand.
They put on their boots, roll up their sleeves… and do the best they can. Action, surprises, thrills and fun for everyone!

Television Magazine
Broadcaster :  TVA + CASA
Production :  Coco.TV Créations Inc.

Mission Accessible

Why should the daily life of a person with a disability be an obstacle course? How can we improve the independence of people with disabilities?
In the MISSION ACCESSIBLEtelevision show, Rosalie, Damien and Kéven— young citizens engaged living with a disability – patrols city and regions to highlight barriers to independence of people like them in several areas such as recreaction, transport, work, tourism, etc. During their respective missions on the ground, three members of the squad meet participants(speakers), experts, storekeepers, decision-makers and influenceurs to sensitive them in the theme or in the aimed problem. Together, they try to find constructive and applicable solutions. These concrete experiments which establish too often real challenges, show with simplicity and humor the real-life absurd and frustrating situations usually by a person having a handicap.


In the headquarters of MISSION ACCESSIBLE, while one of the three goes on the ground, two other members explore in studio by Internet, telephone, Skype, etc., subjects related to the mission and they announce the results of their researches. Furthermore, they follow on TV the evolution of the mission lead by their colleague and react to it spontaneously.


The agents of the MA Squad live with a different handicap: Rosalie has a hearing deficiency she is active in the sector of the arts, the dance and the television. Damien who actively looks for a job in social work, has a loss of total vision and 
. Keven, the pillar of the team due to its experience in journalism and in TV animation, has a motor disabilities.

Broadcaster :  AMI-TELE
Production : Coco.TV Créations Inc.

100 years at the table

Ten of the greatest chefs of Québec create an anthology meal that traces the gastronomic evolution of Québec as well as the path to our culinary independence.

Each chef prepares a dish inspired by key places, personalities, and highlights of the history of Québec gastronomy over the last 100 years.

Through dishes and archives, the gastronomic history of Québec is told to us while gathered around a table!

Broadcaster : Télé-Québec
​Productions : Coco.TV Créations Inc.

Agropur, the Granby Miracle

Despite its very modest beginnings, Agropur is today one of the true jewels of Québec Inc.
While rising to the rank to become one of the largest multinationals, Agropur never forgot its roots and remained close to its members: the dairy farmers.
And it is through their eyes that this exceptional story is told. 

Broadcaster :  Canal D
Production : Coco.TV Créations Inc.